Latest Past Events

ComPsych Webinar: Improving Your Memory

Our ability to remember things is one of the most useful tools we have in our work and home lives, but the amount of things we are trying to remember at once can sometimes be overwhelming. What do you do if you have a bad memory? The truth is, most people don’t have bad memories, […]

ComPsych Webinar: Awakening the Passion in Your Life

Do you admire people who always seem excited and passionate about what they do? Whether it’s in their personal life, professional life, or both, some people are able to bring passion into their lives, while others struggle to find that spark to really get them going. Do you want to wake up every morning with […]

ComPsych Webinar: Feeling Stuck? Practical Ways To Get Yourself Going Again

If you’re struggling with challenges and uncertainty about your personal or professional life, and you’re not sure what to do next, this session is for you. We’ll discuss some simple but powerful questions to ask yourself to help you get “unstuck.” The benefits of asking each question will be discussed, and participants will have an […]