What lifesaving preventive screening was skipped last year by more than 30% of BW team members who needed it?

Earning the Better You Incentive helps team members and spouses focus on their health—and save at least $1,200/$2,400 on BW medical premiums, too—but lots of people missed a very important preventive screening last year that they were due to get.

Can you guess which one it was?

Find out (and learn BW Chief People Officer Rhonda Spencer’s new “title”) when you watch the video above! Rhonda also shares more about the importance of preventive screenings and why you should schedule your appointments ASAP. Don’t forget: The deadline to complete all Better You Incentive requirements is September 30, 2024!

BW medical participants: Are you ready to earn the incentive?

The Blueprint to the Better You Incentive is your guide to:

  • Understanding the Better You Incentive requirements
  • Completing the Quantum Health Get Connected process and updating your Quantum Health login information
  • Checking your Quantum Health Track
  • Reaching GOLD in Vitality
  • Viewing which preventive screenings you need to earn the incentive

Not a BW medical participant?

You still can access some FREE Quantum Health services, take care of your health by getting preventive screenings, and earn Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks redeemable for all kinds of gift cards and products!