May Vitality Workout Points Challenge | May 6 – May 31

US- and Canada-based team members and spouses: We’re excited for you to participate in our first-ever WORKOUT POINTS CHALLENGE in VITALITY!

Create or join a team of 20-50 people: Now – April 30, 2024

Workout Points Challenge: May 6 – May 31, 2024

Winner Announcement: June 10, 2024

Earn up to 500 BONUS Vitality Points:

  • 65-80 workout points = 250 BONUS Vitality Points
  • 85-100 workout points = 350 BONUS Vitality Points
  • 105+ workout points = 500 BONUS Vitality Points

Earn workout points when you:

  • Take steps with your linked fitness device/smartphone app (5-15 Vitality Points)
  • Check in on the Vitality Today app and exercise at a gym (10 Vitality Points)
  • Log an at-home/gym workout (10 Vitality Points)
  • Track calories burned/heart-rate elevation with your linked fitness device/smartphone app/heart-rate monitor (5-15 Vitality Points)

The challenge leaderboard will reflect the average number of workout points earned by each team:

total # of workout points / # of team members = average # of workout points

The team with the highest average number of workout points wins a celebration of the team’s choice! ($10/active registered participant)

If your team does not meet the minimum number of participants by the time registration has ended, your team will be combined with another prior to the start of the challenge.

To join a team after registration has ended, or if you have challenge leaderboard questions, please call Vitality Customer Care at 877.224.7117.

For additional information, please refer to our FAQ document with details about how to sync your linked fitness device/smartphone app with Vitality, check in at the gym, log an at-home/gym workout and track calories burned/heart-rate elevation. If you have further questions, please reach out to