Vitality New Site Info!

On Friday, January 1 Vitality is launching a brand new website to enhance and simplify your online wellbeing experience! Exciting improvements to the program include an updated look, more user-friendly site, search functionality to quickly find exactly what you are looking for, and a brand new Guide to Vitality to support you along your journey. Put a reminder on your calendar to go check out the new site starting January 1!

Click on the following links for more information on the different enhancements to the site. Also, don’t miss the video below for a sneak peak!

Vitality Enhanced Platform Overview

NEW! Vitality Points Planner

NEW! Vitality Newsfeed

NEW! Vitality Goals

New Vitality Site FAQ

Questions about the new Vitality site? Call Vitality Customer Care at 877.224.7117 for any Vitality program or site-related questions!